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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my baby cries in class?

This may happen, but it is perfectly normal and just one of those things, it is certainly not something you ever need to worry about in our classes - we have ALL been there.

Babies cry, it’s what they do (probably best!)! If you need to feed, change, play with or cuddle your little one during our workouts, then you go ahead and when I ask you if you’re ok, it’s genuinely to check you are and if I can help, not because I want you to get back to your workout.

You are welcome to bring whatever you need to make baby feel comfortable and enjoy their time in class - why should Mum have all the fun after all?!

If none of that works, and you feel comfortable to do so - there’s always a very willing instructor desperate for a baby snuggle and if you’re in a school holiday class my little helpers, Robyn and Nancy LOVE to play with the babies too!

What if I haven't done any exercise since before having my baby?

That's ok, we all need to restart again somewhere. My job is to guide you back into exercise safely, whether that's helping you modify to close a diastasis gap, modifying to help your pelvic floor get stronger or just gradually building your fitness levels up, I am here to help you. 

When I show you the exercise there will be a lower impact version, higher impact version and if needed different modifications for diastasis, back pain, c-section mums, prolapse or pelvic floor weakness. You take the option that's most suited to your recovery, you'll notice in a class everyone is doing something different and that's because we're all on our own journey, doing the best we can to aid our recovery. 

What does my baby do in class?

Some babies nap, some play with the toys, practice their rolling and make friends, and the older ones can often be found playing together, joining in or enjoying snacks!

If they're having an off day you can hold them, stop and feed them, change them or whatever you need to do to keep them happy. Just join back in again if and when you feel ready. As long as mum and baby are happy that's all that matters!

I am also on hand to cuddle little ones, rock their pushchairs and play with them (it's one of my favourite parts of the job!)

What if I miss a class?

I try and be as flexible as I can so if you miss a class you can...
- Come to another class within the month

- Join our online platform for a week to access workouts from home whenever you want to. 

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