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Terms and Conditions

I want you to have a wonderful time no matter which class you choose, however your safety is my priority, which is why I have set the following terms and conditions for you to follow.

1. Health Questionnaire
She’s Active requires all ladies to read and sign our Client information Questionnaire before their first session. The Client information Questionnaire must be filled out in full, together with all health information relating to their birth and pregnancy along with emergency contact information. If your health changes at any point you must inform me as soon as possible.

2. Booking a Class or Course
All classes must be booked in advance by contacting She’s Active through any Social Media Channel or via Email, Phone, Text or WhatsApp. Spaces are limited so classes must be pre booked.

3. Free Trial
Every lady is entitled to book ONE free trial.

4. Class Fees

Class fees must be payable at least one week prior to the start of the month. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of your class place.
Fees for missed classes will not be refunded or carried over to subsequent months. If I have space on any other classes during the same calendar month there may be an option for you to join that session, or I can offer you a week of online classes via the virtual platform.

Monthly class fees are payable for the month irrespective of how many sessions you attend and no deductions will be made for weeks you cannot attend.

Fees must be paid direct to She’s Active by means of either cash, direct bank transfer or PayPal. Class fees are as follows;

  • ​Postnatal Mum and Baby Classes- £6.50 per class

  • Buggy Fitness Classes - £6 per class

  • Prenatal Classes- £7.50 per class

  • Evening Circuits - £6.50 per class

  • Bootcamp- £60 per course

  • Virtual Classes - £15 per month

5. Community Spaces Programme

These spaces are for anyone who is considered as needing the space, anyone seen to be abusing this programme will have their place removed.

Spaces are given on a first come, first served basis and cannot be carried over from month to month. If classes are not attended they will not be replaced.

There are limited spaces per class, if there is not enough space in the class you may have to be added to a waitlist for the following month or next available time.

Classes that can be used for Community Space places are - Active Mums, Active Buggy, Active Bump and Active Circuits. 

Due to GDPR you cannot apply on behalf of someone else, please signpost them to the website for them to apply.

Each person is allowed one full month of classes (1 per week) to a class of their choice from the list above, if space is available. After this, payment is required, so as the community space is then available for another person to enjoy the benefit of it.

6. Personal Training
If I cannot make a session for any reason, I will let you know with as much notice as possible and try to arrange a makeup session, at a day and time that suits you, or I will carry it over to a subsequent week.

The day and time booked in will be your permanent time slot for the block booking, so please ensure you are available for that time slot each week, any changes to this need to be agreed upon consultation or well in advance.

In case of an emergency and you being unable to attend our session, please let me know with as much notice as possible.

I will do my best to rearrange your session, where possible, however I cannot always guarantee availability in my calendar.

Sessions cancelled with less than 24hrs notice from yourself, will be automatically lost.

If you have to isolate due to coronavirus, I am happy to carry out the session, or any other sessions, via zoom, as long as you are feeling up to it.

All sessions must be taken within the 6 week block and will not be carried over to subsequent weeks or months if you cannot attend one or more of them so please ensure you can commit to the session before payment is made.

Please ensure you have been medically cleared to participate and any change in health or circumstances are communicated with me before your next session to ensure I can safely plan your programme.

If you suspect you are pregnant at any point, please let me know.

If you are unhappy with your programme or wish to discuss anything with me that you feel isn't working for you, please raise your issues as soon as possible, so I can address them and work towards making our sessions as suitable as possible.

7. Online coaching

Results from my online personal training and nutritional advice will vary and I cannot guarantee an exact or specific outcome.

Once the first package and any deposit for online coaching has been paid for, you agree that such payment is non-refundable.

She‘s Active's 12-week guarantee is commitment dependent. If you have followed all training, nutrition and supplement advice, as well as checking in with a full update every week in the first 12 weeks and not lost 14lb (providing that is a realistic goal), She's Active will continue to work with you for free until you do. 

It is your responsibility to send your weekly check-in and maintain contact with me. If I do not hear or receive check-ins from you, I’m not obliged to follow up with or chase you. 

She's Active will only use any “before and after” imagines within promotional materials, both web-based and offline and, accordingly, with your consent.

General information

1. Whilst at She’s Active we are committed to safeguarding you and your children during all classes, your child will remain your sole responsibility and you must ensure the safety of your child. She’s Active does not accept responsibility for any incident or injury involving your child during the class.

2. Classes can only be attended when the attendee is a minimum of 6 weeks pp and has had an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery.

Attendees who have had complicated deliveries or lower segment caesareans are recommended to wait until at least 10 weeks pp.

If you are unsure please speak to your instructor who can advise. 

3. You are expected to wear appropriate workout attire for all classes in particular suitable footwear, failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the class or course.

4. She's Active reserves the right to request discharge documentation from your health professional in the event we are concerned about your ability to exercise.

5. Any person found to be acting in an abusive or threatening manner towards either myself or other mums will be removed permanently from all classes without refund.

6. In the event I have to cancel a class, mums may catch up their session at another time or have the class fee deducted from the next month’s fees total.

7. Any exercise program, even for healthy individuals, carries risk. You have a responsibility to use your own judgement and follow the recommended modifications for your stage of recovery. She’s Active does not accept liability for any incident or injury that happens during a session, other than liability that arises from my negligence or my failure to take reasonable care.

8. Outdoor classes will go ahead in most weather conditions, including sunshine and rain and refunds are not issued if you choose not to attend due to this.

In the case of extreme weather, or the instructor deeming it too unsafe to carry out the class for any reason including weather conditions or the location, the class will be cancelled and you will be notified via email and on the She's Active Facebook page by a minimum of 1 hour before the class is due to take place.

In lieu of this cancellation, an online class at the same time as the class was due to take place will be carried out, a class link will be sent to you, or an offer of joining a like for like alternate class the same month will be offered depending on each individual circumstance – your make-up class or choices will be outlined within the cancellation email sent to you via email only.

Please ensure you are happy with all of the above before paying for outdoor programmes.

Refunds will not be given for missed or cancelled classes due to unforeseen or uncontrollable events out of the hands of the instructor.

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