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Advantages of working out at home

As a busy mum, when thinking about how and where to exercise I’m sure

convenience is near the top of the list of priorities. It can be tricky finding the time to actually get to a gym, then there’s the mum guilt of leaving the little ones and some may feel self conscious about exercising in a gym or might not even know where to start. Working out at home can be the ideal solution.

Now, it’s great that working out at home is so accessible, there’s a wealth of free workouts on YouTube but sometimes the amount of information, (what’s safe for a new mum, what if I have a diastasis?) can be conflicting and often overwhelming.

Not only that, but for many, without some guidance, following online workouts alone will not help them to reach their goals. That’s where an online personal trainer comes in!

What are the benefits of working out at home?

  • Save time - No travelling or waiting for equipment.

  • Low cost - No gym fees to pay and you only need some dumbbells to get a really effective workout.

  • Workout at any time - You can workout when you get time, baby napping? perfect time to squeeze in that 30 minute workout. Can't manage a full workout, no problem! Just split it up in to smaller bits over the day.

  • Privacy - You can workout without feeling self conscious.

  • Go at your own pace - You don’t need to keep up with anyone, you can go at a pace you’re comfortable with to ensure your form is good.

About me

I’m a female personal trainer with over 4 years specialising in pre and postnatal fitness. I’m a mum myself, so I completely understand how hard it can be to prioritise your own health and fitness. I’m passionate about helping all women become both physically and mentally stronger, to give you more confidence and to help you reach your goals and I want to make this affordable for everyone.

What’s on offer?

I’ve seen a huge demand for postnatal personal training and there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to help everyone, so I’ve developed an online offering where I can make personal training affordable for you and I can help as many women as possible.

Initially I have created a 4 week programme to enable me to get a feel for where everyone is at before we then work together to tailor the programme to your individual needs. What’s included?

  • 3 x weekly workouts

  • 1:1 weekly check in

  • Private Facebook group for support and motivation

  • 24/7 in app messaging

  • Tailored calorie and macro calculations

I’m only offering 10 spaces initially and there’s only 5 left so be quick to work with me in the 4 weeks leading up to Easter!

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